Honesty vs. Accuracy

Here at True Man Financial, we believe there’s a big difference between being True and being a True Man, or as some would refer, an honest man. Let us break down the difference. This was something our founder, Jared, was openly exposed to (or had the light shine¬†on him) after a meeting with Hoyes Michalos and other associates. Jared was in trouble at the time, and it was their conversation that helped him out. Let me show you what he began to understand.

Being TrueWells Fargo

This is about as specific as you can get. It’s the truth. It’s not providing incorrect information. “The
markets are going up” – typically hard to say if that’s true no matter when it’s said or who says it. “You’re skimming money from your clients” – when Wells Fargo was accused of this and agreed to pay their fine and fire staff, that was a true statement.

Being a True Man

Now, interestingly enough, you don’t need to have the above in order to be considered a True Man. At least for the most part. Being a true man is having the utmost honesty and integrity based on the information you have at hand. You can be wrong sometimes, but if you clearly state uncertainties, or correct any unknowing false information provided, you can continue to be an honest man.

To add some fun flare to this post, leave it to the Japanese to test their citizens of honesty:

You can find many more of these types of videos on YouTube.